Chilled Water System Services

Many facilities use chilled water systems as an efficient and attractive HVAC solution for large commercial and industrial spaces. The perfect example of a business that would benefit from this cooling solution is a hotel, where many individual rooms must be controlled separately. Chillers, as they are commonly called, evenly and comfortably distribute cool air throughout a large indoor space, while maintaining cost-efficiency.

Chillers provide comfort to commercial buildings and are typically cheaper to operate than direct expansion systems. With chilled water systems, chilled water piping must be installed throughout the building. Adding state-of-the-art controls like direct digital controls can improve the system and take energy management to a whole new level of savings.

Chillers work similarly to direct expansion systems, with the exception being they use water in a coil rather than in a refrigerant. Chilled water systems can be quite complex, as well.

Chilled Water System Services Include


Repair the water system


Replace the water system


Repair the piping


Repair the pumps


Repair the valves of the piping

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